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Hospitals, clinics, and elder care facilities (i.e. nursing homes or assisted living) have countless dependencies on wireless technology to better patient outcomes and improved operational efficiency. From accessing patient records with computers on wheels and handheld tablets to accessing electronic medical devices, nurse call systems, and location-tracking applications, WiFi is at the heart of patient care.

But perhaps the most problematic issue facing healthcare providers is insufficient WiFi performance which largely impacts mission-critical applications. With high volumes of patients and visitors requiring services day and night, RocketBroadband has designed a number of connectivity solutions to make patient care more efficient.

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Connectivity You Can Count On

For on-the-go healthcare vehicles such as ambulances, firetrucks, or bloodmobiles, we offer InternetAnywhere® to keep nurses, EMTs, and staff connected to their mission-critical applications. With this mobile 4G hotspot, up to 50 users can connect any device without worry about signal strength, limited data, or shoddy dependability.

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Reliable Backup Connectivity & Monitoring

For our in-facility users, we offer VitalConnectivity®, RocketFailover®, and iStatus® Connection Monitoring. Whether it’s timed medication distribution in a nursing care facility or patients checking in at a dentist office, VitalConnectivity keeps systems online 24/7 by providing dual-carrier backup Internet connectivity and traffic shaping over 4G LTE. We also offer RocketFailover, our leading 4G backup Internet solution to keep your back office operations running seamlessly. No more dealing with area Internet outages or wondering why your systems are down. iStatus Connection Monitoring provides everything that the staff needs to process HIPAA compliant data for patients and seamlessly serve their needs.

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Healthcare Connectivity Solutions

It is our hope that you will further explore our featured solutions and that we can help your healthcare facility leverage connectivity for furthered success.



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