RocketBroadband Editorials

How Sticky Failover Can Leave Your Business Stuck Spending Too Much

Failover is an excellent way for businesses to implement redundant Internet connectivity. Failover or backup Internet connectivity is most commonly done over a 4G LTE Internet connection. However, when not implemented properly, high amounts of data may be consumed resulting in a costly bill.

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Streamlining Customer Experiences With Online Ordering

Even before COVID-19 struck, quick-service restaurants (QSRs) and franchise customers were already gravitating toward online ordering as a preference. A survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association in 2019 revealed that 60% of all restaurant and foodservice sales were takeout...

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Reduce Your Work From Home Stress With RocketFailover®

We’ve all experienced the frustration of our home Internet failing. It fails, then you go through the normal routine of rebooting everything and pray. When that doesn’t work, you...

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RocketFailover Kept Our Office Operational In Wake Of Disaster

A derecho storm hit the Midwest on August 8, 2020 with wind speeds hitting 80 to 140 mph. It left lots of damage in its wake and thousands were left without power and Internet - our office in Ames, IA included...

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