Transforming Internet Connectivity for Tomorrow’s Enterprise

At the heart of all RocketBroadband products sits a goal; to eliminate Internet downtime and improve Internet connectivity that's critical to business success. With a diverse portfolio, RocketBroadband products are tailor-made solutions that partner with the world’s leading carriers to deliver connectivity services (broadband, satellite, 4G LTE) for an assorted customer base.

It is our hope that you will explore our solutions and that we can help your organization leverage technology to further your continued success.

Enable Business Continuity

Remote Access, Connectivity, Video Conferencing

Increase Uptime

Increase Uptime

Protect your business with increased uptime; eliminate an average of 6.7 days (160 hours) of Internet downtime per year.

Customers Return

Customers Return

Provide seamless customer transactions; 78% of lost transactions are due to Internet outages.

Do More Business

Do More Business

Ensure staying power in today’s competitive marketplace; loyal customers are worth up to 10 times more after their first purchase.

Grow Revenue

Grow Revenue

Grow revenue with positive experiences; positive buying experiences can result in an ROI in just over 1 month.

Gain The Competitive Edge

With the explosion of the (Internet of Things) IoT market, increasingly more devices and applications require wireless connectivity. However, developing a consistent and reliable connection with traditional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can be a daunting task for businesses. Businesses often face a variety of issues ranging from speed problems to unresponsive providers and increased outage time.

However, RocketBroadband products focus on making connectivity easier, more reliable, and more cost-effective than ever. With intelligent engineering for multiple industries (such as hospitality, retail, SMBs, healthcare, restaurants, quick service locations, etc.) RocketBroadband products and services target specific issues associated with Internet downtime, without losing focus on the bottom-line.

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