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RocketBroadband products were created to help businesses stay connected and operate in today's changing landscape. With dedicated teams and solutions, we deliver on that promise 365 days per year.

Our mission is to "Transform Internet Connectivity For Tomorrow's Enterprise" by delivering simple, powerful connectivity solutions. 

What is RocketBroadband™?

We offer simple, game-changing technology to make downtime a thing of the past. By partnering with industry-leading carriers, RocketBroadband products solve connectivity problems by delivering Internet connectivity in entirely new ways — empowering business, restaurant, retail, government, healthcare, and military applications.

We offer pre-configured, turn-key solutions which are easy-to-deploy — helping businesses get connected with multiple connectivity options and stay connected with automatic connection failover.

Backed by over 35+ years of experience, we have a keen eye for helping businesses of all types and sizes. With a humble mentality and a foundation of integrity, we work hard to provide exceptional products and extraordinary service. It is our hope that you will explore our solutions and that we can help your organization leverage connectivity to further your success.

Connectivity is Vital

The Internet has revolutionized businesses of all types and sizes, from empowering street vendors to accept credit cards to enabling video streaming while flying around the world — we now expect to be connected and to stay connected — all the time.

  • In restaurants & retail — customers expect to use credit/debit cards and frequently don’t carry cash.
  • In business — employees need critical business services, which have now moved to the cloud.
  • In government — the public expects to receive service with little tolerance for an interruption.
  • In healthcare — connectivity is required for essential services, and the cost of downtime is often thousands of dollars per hour.

With the rise of cloud services, even though our dependence on connectivity has increased, the reliability of Internet connectivity often remains poor and unpredictable. As a result, businesses now suffer catastrophic losses, and damaged reputations whenever Internet downtime occurs.

RocketBroadband offers solutions to these problems, enabling the vital connectivity that your business requires.


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